Call for 2014 Pre-Conference Co-Chair Applications

From Women’s Center Pre-Conference Senior Co-Chair, Nora Spencer

As you may know, each year the NWSA WCC pre-conference leadership is seeded with a new and returning co-chair.  Joanna Snawder was my fabulous mentor in this, her second year of coordinating; now I’ll be the senior co-chair and am looking for a co-pilot.
Are you interested in applying for the co-chair position?  Please take a few moments to fill out this application (full URL below) by Tuesday, December 3.  The next co-chair will be announced no later than December 15.
Reasons why you should apply for this position:
  • Your institution will be more likely to fund your vacation…er…conference in Puerto Rico!
  • You will get to shape the professionally-most-important day of the year for those who work in Women’s Centers.
  • You can listen to more of my cheesy jokes, and next year invite the group to listen to a few of your own!
But seriously, thank you, once again, for all you do (or will do!) to support our WCC group.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the post.

One thought on “Call for 2014 Pre-Conference Co-Chair Applications

  1. Nora is a joy to work with! And it is a super way to meet more people and have some direct impact on what you want to see for the WCC pre-conference. Go for it!

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