Program Highlights

Program Highlight: The Handprint Project

Each month, we feature a stand-out program sponsored by a college or university women’s/gender equity center. If you’d like to highlight your program for consideration, you can submit more information about it online!

Today, we’re highlighting The Handprint Project, an annual program sponsored by the Fresno State Women’s Resource CenterWant more information about this program? Contact Jessica Adams at

About the Program

The Handprint Project was held for the first time in April of 2014 to wrap up Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Fresno State. handprint-artCampus clubs, organizations and offices were able to host a table and recruit students to take a pledge to not commit or condone sexual violence by placing a handprint on the groups banner. Every student who took the pledge received the pledge card along with on and off campus resources for sexual violence. We also had the opportunity to answer questions and discuss misconceptions that students and staff had regarding CA’s new (at that time) “Yes Means Yes” bill.

How This Program Makes an Impact

This program was fantastic! The students and staff hosting the tables were very engaged with the topic, and the individuals taking the pledge were very receptive. We had 1,006 members of the Fresno State community take the pledge that day. Our Indian Student Club obtained the most pledges, covering almost 3 banners! Several news stations were in attendance and we saw engagement in our office surrounding sexual assault (including questions and peer counseling sessions) increase.


Media Coverage


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