About the WCC

NWSA Women’s Centers Committee

The NWSA Women’s Centers Committee (WCC) advances the vital role that women’s and gender centers play in the field of women’s and gender studies. The Women’s Centers Committee supports the scholarship and best practices of women’s centers, including developing research, documenting resources, building network alliances, and designing projects supporting women’s centers.


Co-Chairs (2014-2016): Gina Helfrich (gina.helfrich@gmail.com) and Adale Sholock (asholock@wcupa.edu)

The chair or co-chairs of the Women’s Centers Committee is/are elected by national ballot by NWSA membership to serve a 3 year term. Typically, two people run together on the ballot as co-chairs. The chair or co-chairs of the WCC attend/s NWSA Governing Council meetings and represent/s the interests of Women’s Center professionals. The WCC is allowed one vote on the NWSA Governing Council even when co-chairs are elected.

The WCC chair or Co-Chairs work closely with the NWSA WCC Pre-Conference co-chairs and support the efforts of NWSA WCC subcommittees and projects.

How to Get Involved with the NWSA Women’s Centers Committee

If you are interested in learning more about—or potentially joining—one of the subcommittees or projects listed below, please reach out directly to the chair(s) of the subcommittee or project.

Current NWSA WCC Subcommittees

  • Pre-Conference
    Co-Chairs: Jamie Huber Ward (jamie.huber@gmail.com), 2014 and 2015 and Susannah Bartlow (susannah.bartlow@marquette.edu), 2015 and 2016
    The Pre-Conference co-chairs organize the annual NWSA WCC Pre-Conference. Co-chairs serve 2-year staggered terms, so that each year there is a junior (new) co-chair and a senior (returning) co-chair. Additional volunteers assist with various pre-conference projects.
  • Technology
    Chair: Anitra Cottledge (cottlead@umn.edu)
    The Technology Subcommittee works creates and maintains a virtual presence for the WCC. Duties including managing WRAC-L, creating and maintaining social media sites and content, coordinating NWSA website content with the WCC Co-Chairs and NWSA, and looking for ways to partner with other organizations to enhance the WCC’s virtual reach.
  • Awards
    Co-Chairs: Amanda Linsenmeyer (Amanda.Linsenmeyer@colorado.edu) and Alicia Hahn Murphy (AHAHN@wcupa.edu)
    The Awards subcommittee recognizes Women’s Center leaders at the annual NWSA conference.
  • Outreach
    Co-Chairs: Monique Liston (miliston@uwm.edu) and Shareia Carter (snc@umich.edu)
    The Outreach Subcommittee is focused on increasing attendance at the annual NWSA WCC pre-conference.
  • Anti-Racism/Anti-White Supremacy Working Group
    Co-Chairs: Susannah Bartlow (susannah.bartlow@marquette.edu) and Kathleen Holgerson (kathleen.holgerson@uconn.edu)
    For over 10 years, this group has strategized to incorporate conversations, explorations, and actions around white privilege and dismantling racism. Sessions for past pre-conferences have been organized both within and outside of the members of this working group. In all of the efforts, our work is grounded in our commitment to identify and implement strategies to disrupt and dismantle racism and white privilege in our women’s centers, the Women’s Center Committee, the NWSA WCC pre-conference, and NWSA.
  • Committee for the Advancement of Research about Women’s Centers (CARWC)
    Contacts: Gina Helfrich (gina.helfrich@gmail.com), Adale Sholock (asholock@wcupa.edu) and Amber Vlasnik (amber.vlasnik@wright.edu)
    The mission of CARWC is to enrich the field of women’s, gender, and/or sexuality centers through advancing, supporting, and advocating for research about our individual and collective activities in higher education and within our various communities.

Current NWSA WCC Projects

  • WCC Connections
    Co-Chairs: Kelsey Harrington (hkelsey6@exchange.vt.edu) and Liz Elsen (liz.elsen@austin.utexas.edu)
    WCC Connections is mentoring program that matches first time attendees of the Women’s Center Pre-Conference with returning attendees. Those who volunteer as mentors are responsible for reaching out to new attendees to answer questions, provide support, and generally make them feel welcome during their conference experience. WCC Connections seeks to foster intergenerational connection among Women’s Center professionals and increase the quality of participation at the annual pre-conference for new and returning members alike.
  • Title IX Task Force
    Co-chairs: Kathleen Holgerson (kathleen.holgerson@uconn.edu) and Jennifer Graham (jennifer.graham@gcsu.edu)
    This project started as working group with the goal of writing an opinion piece on the role of Women’s Centers in the evolving discussions on campus around Title IX compliance. Given our work on that project, we were asked to facilitate an All Knowledge Share at the 2013 NWSA WCC pre-conference. The purpose of the Title IX Task Force is to continue the discussion and develop more formal advocacy around this issue. A number of projects are being developed to further these goals, and volunteers are warmly welcome.
  • History of the WCC
    Chair: Juli Parker (jparker@umassd.edu)
    This project focuses on assembling the rich history of the NWSA WCC and welcomes assistance.
  • Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS)
    Chair: Rebecca Morrow (rmorrow@osteo.wvsom.edu)
    The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has been the pre-eminent force for promoting standards in student affairs, student services, and student development programs since its inception in 1979. Project participants are currently working on updating the current standards for women’s center work, as well as keeping those involved update to date.